About this website

So, why this website?

Well, it’s a long (ish) story. I’ve been a theatre critic and arts journalist for just over 50 years, initially in London – writing for The Stage under the editorship first of Eric John and then of Peter Hepple. I have also been arts and entertainments editor for a number of lifestyle and tourist-oriented magazines.

I have edited a couple of magazines dedicated to the applied arts and antiques, contributed to others as well as making occasional broadcasts. In the 1990s I was appointed to launch a what proved to be a short-lived magazine in Saffron Walden, which is where I now live.

Then in 2004 I was approached by Terri Paddock of WhatsonStage.com and became the website’s East Anglia editor, later taking on the south-east of England south (as well as north) of the Thames. WhatsonStage.com was taken over in 2014 and the regional coverage basically disbanded.

This proved to be something of a blow to theatres and professional production companies across East Anglia, especially as many local newspapers were cutting back on their arts coverage and the national Press was less inclined to send London-based critics to cover regional shows, even premières.

The small-scale touring companies felt particularly deprived. So I listened, thought about it and then set up this website.

Now it’s up to you to choose and enjoy your theatre visits – perhaps even sampling a show or a venue you might not have previously considered.

Anne Morley-Priestman